The Center Circle Chronicles

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A lowly freshman in college one day, crown prince of Orion and famed Center Circle member the next day.

Having been orphaned at a young age, Landon’s first memories were of living in a home with eleven other children who had lost their parents. But even those memories had long since faded from his thoughts as he spent the last eight years in the care of a loving foster family. Now, as a freshman in college, Landon had his future in front of him. But all that would change the morning he got a text saying, “It’s time.”

From that moment on, Landon’s world literally was turned inside out. Taken away from his college campus to another world, he begins to discover who he really is as his destiny starts to unfold before him. No longer was he Landon, a mere freshman in college, but he was Landru, the son of a Center Circle member and heir to the throne of Orion.
But Landru’s welcome to his true identity is not one of pomp and circumstance. Called back from all corners of the world are the twelve orphans who must unite to defeat the rising power of the evil Rondel – the former mighty general who has his sights set on ruling all the worlds.
Equipped only with a ring and a sword, and the head strong guidance of the young priestess, Theophania, Landru fights his way to unite the Circle and rescue captives while trying to get a grasp on his inner powers he possess through the feelings of faith.

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Where The Center Circle ended, The Weapons of Warfare continues.
There is a schism in the Center Circle. While the newly regained world of Columba thrives under Brenlee’s leadership, Rondel has conquered many of the other worlds that were under the Circle’s control. And the Circle itself is a house divided.
Knowing that he holds the keys to restoring the lost worlds and saving his adopted home world of Earth from eventual destruction, Landru must rescue the beloved priestess before Rondel uses her knowledge and power to become invincible, find the remaining five weapons of warfare that are hidden in the secret tunnels of various kingdoms, and restore unity to the warring Circle. His search takes him to familiar locations, such as ancient Stonehenge and the Egyptian Pyramids, where he not only unravels some of the ancient mysteries, but also comes to face to face with his own fears.
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