Romance Novels

THE MAKING OF MILLER ROMANCE SERIES  – A romance series taking place in the fictional town of Miller, Tx.   Scroll down to see each book in the series.
The Desires of the HeartDesires of the Heart – A story of love and forgiveness
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Lacey Littleton swore she’d never go back to Miller, TX. Yet guilt after her father’s death forces her to put her career on hold to work in the small town newspaper. It just isn’t fair. And then to make matters worse, she has to take over the sports beat even though she has always hated high school sports.
Eric Rightman hopes the memories of a personal tragedy might finally fade with his new job as the head basketball coach at Miller High School. But inheriting a losing basketball program causes him to instill a new philosophy in the team that reaches far beyond their play on the court as well as stirs up a possible romance with the town’s sports reporter.
Will the pain and guilt Lacey feels over her dark past keep her from falling in love with Eric? Will he let go of his own pain to risk falling in love again?

Desires of the Heart is a story of love and forgiveness. It demonstrates how God uses our past failures to teach us that His love transcends a painful past not only to forgive, but to restore lives to a new hope and joy.

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Capturing the Heart  – A Story of love and healing that demonstrates the power of persistent love and fervent prayer.front cover

Jackie Mason’s life had not been the same since her husband died over two years ago.  Although she tried to be both mother and father to her two teenage kids, she couldn’t help but feel lonely and a bit bitter.   Still holding onto her deep love for her deceased husband, Jackie knew she could never truly love again.  To make matters worse, her 13 year old daughter, Jocelyn, had found solace, but why did it have to be a “bad” boy, this new kid in town who flat-out scared Jackie?

Matt Spencer’s dream had finally come true. Becoming head coach of his alma mater, the Miller Mustangs football team, meant he had nothing left to wish for. At least, that’s what he thought, until he met Jackie Mason, the mother of one of his brightest young players, and realized there could be more to life than coaching football. How could he capture her heart the way she had captured his?

Twenty-two years ago, as a starry-eyed sophomore girl, Jackie had suffered through a crush on the senior star football player, Matt Spencer. Of course, he didn’t know she existed, and worse yet, he had a reputation of being a lady’s man. Her commitment to God would never let her become involved with him. However, here he was now, a completely changed man, and interested in her. Could she put his past and her memories of her husband behind her?

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  2. Cory Jensen

    Coach, I recently purchased and read your book about the flex defense. Is there any way I could contact you via email? Also wondering if you have a PDF on the defense. I’m still confused on a couple areas. Thanks!

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