A Personal Perspective on the National Day of Prayer

praying flagThursday, May 2, 2013 is set aside as the National Day of Prayer.  Throughout the nation, churches will be gathering on that day to pray for our nation.  Many will be praying that God will work a mighty miracle and our country will turn back once again to its Christian roots.  They will be praying 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and will restore their land.”  That is a great prayer to pray and I really hope thousands of churches pray for the healing of America.  God knows how much we need healing.

However, I truly believe God is not going to just sprinkle some magical dust that floats over our land, falling on people, causing them to repent and turn to God.  I’m not saying He can’t or won’t do that.  It would be great if He did.  But I personally am convinced that if God is going to heal our land, it is going to happen, one person at a time.  Will they be praying for our nation?   Yes.  But more importantly, I believe God is going to work when individuals and small groups begin praying for those we have direct influence over.  If God is going to move again in this once great nation, I believe that it going to start with individuals.  And I believe it will then multiply to churches and then to communities.  And then we will begin to see a mighty work of God.

A couple of weeks ago, while I was in the midst of my own form of depression, God began to speak to me concerning prayer.  I have always believed in prayer and those in my small group at church know me as one who focuses on and talks about prayer.  In  fact, I sometimes believe that they wish I wouldn’t be so adamant about prayer.  But I cannot help it.  It is something I believe God has called me to do.  But a couple of weeks ago, God took me to John 17 to the greatest prayer ever prayed.  I won’t go through all the details of Jesus’ prayer in that chapter.  It would take far longer than this or any blog should be.  But in that chapter, God showed me very specifically how I should be praying.  Following Jesus’ example in that prayer, we see how we should pray for ourselves, for our family, for our small groups, and for our church.

As a result of what God began to show me, I began working on a major project that I am tentatively calling, How to Transform Your Church, One Praying Person at a Time.   I am excited to see where God is going to possibly take this project.  I know it will at least turn into a book and perhaps even a six week small group study, complete with video and discussion questions.   All I know at this point is that God has shown me some really great insights into how to revolutionize our prayer lives and He wants me to share it.


So on this National Day of Prayer, I will be praying, for our country, yes.  But I will also be praying from John 17 for myself, my family, my small group, and my church.  If everyone joins me in those prayers, then our nation WILL began to change.  One praying person at a time.  Will you be that one also?


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