How To Always Be Happy – Part 2

This is the second in a blog series taken from my year long devotional 10 Minutes to Better Living: Daily Applications From the Life of Christ. 

Last week we began a blog series entitled How To Always Be Happy.  It is a series based on the Beattitudes found in Matthew 5.  In most translations of the Bible, each verse uses the word “blessed”.  That word from which “blessed” was translated could also be translated as “happy” or “fortunate.”  However, in reading these verses, it is sometimes hard to see how they bring about happiness.

Read  Matthew 5:4

Life Lessons

It almost seems like an oxymoron to say that in order to be happy, we need to mourn.  We often associate mourning with something we do during sad times like funerals.  However, God includes the attitude of mourning as one of the nine qualities he says makes us happy or fortunate.

They key is found in what we mourn about.  If we are mourning because our favorite football team lost, that does not constitute the kind of mourning that God says will make us happy.  If we are mourning because we don’t have enough money to buy the new gadget, then God does not promise us happiness for that mourning.   I do not believe that He is even talking about the mourning over the death of a loved one.  Although He will give us special grace to survive that tragedy and He does promise to comfort us (part of the promise in this verse),  I do not believe we are destined to happiness because we mourn the death of someone special.

The kind of mourning that Jesus is talking about in the Sermon on the Mount is the mourning because you recognize needs in people’s lives and you know that they cannot solve their problems or heal their hurt apart from God.  If you mourn because there is a need that you cannot meet and you present that need to Christ as the solver of problems, then He promises you that you will be comforted and you will be happy.

How does it work?  How does mourning over someone’s hurt that you cannot fix make you happy?  Simply it drives you to prayer.  You know that apart from God’s intervention, this need or hurt will not be fixed.  So you continue to pray.  God blesses those who constantly pray for other people.  And when God blesses, you are made happy.  Of course another level of happiness comes when you see God answer the prayer for the people you have been mourning for and praying for.

Jesus promises to everyone who mourns in this fashion, that they will be comforted.  So often that comfort comes in resting in the knowledge that you have given this problem over to God and it’s now His to do with as He wants.

Making it Personal

Is there someone or something in your life that you are mourning over?

Is this mourning driving you to be in continual prayer over this issue?

Can you think of a time in your life that you have mourned and prayed over a certain situation that has resulted in God comforting you?

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