Celebrating a Milestone

We celebrate milestones all the time.  Every year we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.  These are milestones that even though they come about every year, we like to celebrate them.  But there are different kinds of milestones that do not just fall on a certain date every year.  Coaches celebrate milestones when they reach their 100th, 200th, 300th, etc. win.  Companies celebrate milestones when they reach a certain profit margin or make their nth number sale.

Why do we celebrate milestones?  Quite simply because it is a benchmark that measures a step in our progression towards success.  Milestones are not the goal nor are they the end all.  It is simply a step along the journey.  But we celebrate those milestones because it reminds us of where we came from and shows us that we have made progress.

Just yesterday, I reached a milestone in my writing journey that began the last week of June, 2011.  It was that week that I published my first Amazon kindle book, Coaching From the Heart.  This past week, almost exactly eight months later, right after the release of my first fantasy novel, The Center Circle, I sold my 100th book.

I know that to many, selling 100 books in 8 months is not that impressive.  I agree.  It really isn’t.  But being a total novice when it comes to marketing, I rely about 90% on search engines (including Amazon’s own search) and about 10% on word of mouth.  So to me, at this point in my writing career, 100 sales is worth celebrating.

Many writers have told me that getting your books noticed is a marathon, not a sprint.  I can sure testify to that.  In reaching the 100 sales milestones, I have found that 58% of my sales have come in the last 7 weeks.  It takes time, but it is slowly building.

Now that I have celebrated the 100th sale (actually I haven’t celebrated yet other than writing this blog), what milestones am I looking for next?  Here are a few?

–          The 200th sale.  Not sure when it will come, but am hoping to get it by my one year anniversary of publishing books.

–          A few months ago, my first book, Coaching From the Heart, made it to the top 10 in the kindle store when you search, “coaching basketball.”  It has sense dropped to #12, but thankfully is still on the first page of that Amazon search.  I will celebrate the milestone when it gets into the top 5.

–          Right now, my brand new book, The Center Circle, is sitting at #44 on the kindle search under “Young Adult Christian Fiction.”  I will celebrate a milestone when it makes it to the front page (#12).  However, if you narrow the search under “Young Adult Christian Fantasy,” you will see the book sitting at #16.  Not bad after only being out less than a week.

–          Finally, I will celebrate a milestone when I sell 100 books in a one month time period.

Are these milestones possible?  Absolutely.  Will they all happen this year?  I have no idea.  All I know is that I will celebrate each of these writing milestones when I reach that point.


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