Simple, But Great Ideas To Live By

The following is an exert from the daily devotional I wrote called 10 Minutes To Better Living: Daily Applications From the Life of Christ.

Simple, But  Great Ideas to Live By

Read  Luke 12:22-34

To me, one of the coolest things about following Christ and reading the Bible is that it really is not very hard to understand.  I know many people make the comment that the Bible is just too hard to understand, but I don’t think they are saying what they actually mean.  It is not hard to understand, but it IS hard to put into practice.

For example, there is nothing hard to understand Jesus’ instructions that we see in today’s reading.  But it is often hard to really follow those simple instructions.


Life Lessons

Though most Christians know these lessons in their head, we so easily forget them when the storms of life are raining on us.  Let’s take a look at some of the very practical lessons Jesus teaches in today’s reading.


  1. Don’t worry.  Worrying does not help the situation.  Can anyone really point to a time where by simply worrying about a problem, the problem got solved?


  1. Understand how deeply God loves and cares for you.  Instead of worrying, take time to pray about what God is doing and express faith that He again will come through just like He promised.  If he cares about the birds, the flowers, and the grass, you know how much more He cares about you.


  1. Set your heart only on the things that are eternal.  So often we worry and get upset about something because our heart was set on it and it wasn’t something that was in God’s will.  If we set our heart on God’s things, we can never be disappointed because what God wants always happens.


  1. Seek the things of God.  God promises that if we seek the things of Him, then the desires of our heart will begin to match the desires of His heart.  When our desires line up with His desires, He always gives us those desires.


  1. Give to those in need.  Again, Jesus teaches us that that we are to help and give to those in need.  He also teaches us that if we give to others, He will give to us.  If we want God to bless us, then we must first bless others.


Making it Personal

What in your life are you worrying about?


Ask God to forgive you for the sin of worrying.


Have you thought recently about how much God loves you and what He has given you?  Write down some things God has given you.


List some things in your life that your heart is set on or you are seeking that matches up with God’s desires.


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