Let God Display His Glory In Your Weakness

The following is an exert from 10 Minutes to Better Living: Daily Applications From the Life of Christ

Let God Display His Glory In Your Weakness

Read  John 9:1-12

Have you ever felt like God wanted you to do something, but you didn’t think you had it in you to really do it?  You might have even felt so strongly that you were not strong enough or good enough or had enough experience to do what you felt God was telling you that you even doubted that God really wanted you to do it.

In today’s reading, we see that God loves to show His power through someone who doesn’t have what it takes personally.  Jesus and his disciples came upon a man who had been born blind.  The disciples asked if it was his sin or his parents’ sin that caused this man to be blind.  Jesus said it was neither.  This man was blind so that God’s work could be shown in His life.  Jesus then healed the man.

Life Lessons

God has a habit of taking people in their very weakness and doing a great work in and through them.  Read the stories in the Old Testament and you will discover that God’s greatest works were done through people who were weak, had a low self-esteem, or were nobodies in their world.  Yet in their very weakness, God used them to become great warriors like Gideon, leaders of countries like Joseph and David, rebuilders of cities like Nehemiah, or delivers of a nation like Moses.

God wants to take us in our weakness and lack of confidence and do something great in us.  But He cannot do it as long as we use our weakness or fear as an excuse not to allow Him to work.

Making it Personal

We all have insecurities and weaknesses.  Make a list of those things that you feel are insecurities in your life.


Looking at the list you made, are there any of those things that you feel are something that keeps you from being used by God or keeps God from doing a great work in or through you?  Circle the ones that make you feel that way.


Write a prayer committing those things you circled to God and asking Him to work through those weaknesses and insecurities to do a work that brings Him glory



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2 responses to “Let God Display His Glory In Your Weakness

  1. Awesome and very true. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are quite welcome. I hope these truths are an encouragement to you.

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