I Have a Dream. Do You Have a Dream?

As we are celebrating what would have been Martin Luther King’s 83rd birthday, people around the country will be honoring what this great man stood for and the influence he had on bringing about civil rights to our nation.  He was a man of principle and a man of vision.  His famous “I Have a Dream” speech has been recited by thousands of thousands as one of the great speeches in American history.

As we stand here today, knowing full well that civil liberties are not yet where they should be, and I could very appropriately speak on of such social injustices we are seeing still today, I am choosing to leave that up to those who have far more knowledge and experience in dealing with social injustices.  Dr. King fought that battle so very well in the 1960’s and there are others fighting the battle of social injustices in the midst of the second decade of our 21st century.  May our prayers and support be with them.

However, today I am going to write about an inspiration that Martin Luther King can give us all, regardless of where we fall on the social scale.  In 1963, Dr. King inspired a nation with the repetition of three simple, yet profound words, “I have a dream.”  And during this time where we are honoring this man, I am asking what dream do you have?  I’m not speaking of the dream to be rich and famous.  I am speaking of the dream that God has put inside your heart.  God put a dream in Martin Luther King “that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  He gave his life in pursuit of that dream.  What dream has God put inside you?

I believe God has given us all at least one dream that He wants to fulfill in our lives.  I bet that if you stopped and thought about it, most of you could find sometime in your lifetime where you had a dream.  Sadly though, for various reasons, most of us had given up on our dream long before it was fulfilled.  However, if that dream was something God put inside your heart, then He still wants to see that dream fulfilled in your life.  It might not look exactly like you saw it at one time in your life, but the dream is still out there for you to pursue.

What is your dream?  Do you think it is too late to pursue that dream?  Have others crushed that dream in your life?  If you feel that God gave you that dream in the first place, please do not let anything crush that dream.  It is time to pursue it.

This past summer, I wrote a short book on just this topic.  Pursuing Your God-Given Dreams was born out of the idea that God gives each of us dreams.  It is full of practical advice on just how God wants us to pursue those dreams.  You can get the book at either my Amazon or my Nook page.  It is only .99 and may be just be the catalyst you need to not only have a dream, but to pursue it.


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