How To Recharge When You Are Stressed

The following is an excerpt from 10 Minutes to Better Living: Daily Applications From the Life of Christ by Steve Biddison

Here is a simple truth.  We all get worn out.  We go and go and go and our minds, our emotions, and our body just start to get tired.  God made us that way.  He knows that even after being part of something good, humans can be worn down.  As a basketball coach, I go strong for a full season and even if the season was a very successful season, by the time it ends, I am worn out and need to recharge.  Today we are going to see ways that Jesus tells us that we can recharge ourselves spiritually

In a famous passage (Matthew 11:25-30),  Jesus tells everyone who is worn out and weighed down to come to Him and He will give them rest.  He goes on to say that if we connect ourselves with Him as we go about our daily life, He will carry our burden that drags us down.

Life Lessons

Jesus knows that as we go through life living for Him, we will face adversity and we will often time get beaten down emotionally.  When we get physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained, we will wear down and often times face depression.  Truthfully, that is a natural part of being human.  We simply cannot keep going forever at Indy 500 pace.  That is why He wants us to go to Him for rest and recharging.

We can find that rest and recharging by doing the following things:

1. Rest by spending regular quiet time with God.  As we focus quietly on Him, we start to relax and rest and we feel the comfort that only He can give when through prayer we give our troubles over to Him.

2.  Recharge by spending regular time in corporate worship.  Spending time in a large group worshipping God has a certain recharging affect on our spirit.  It is almost like a school pep rally.  It gets you excited to go out and face the enemy again.

3.  Regroup yourself by spending time with a small group of other Christians.  Spending time praying and encouraging each other in a small group setting helps us regroup and refocus our lives as we hold each other accountable to what God is doing.

Rest, recharge, and regroup through solitary quiet time, large group worship, and small group encouragement.  When we regularly do these three things, we give ourselves the tools to connect ourselves to Christ and let Him take care of our needs.

Making it Personal

How often are you spending solitary quiet time with God?

Do you take advantage of large group worship times at church?

Are you involved in a small group of friends who encourage and pray for each other?


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  1. Randy

    Sounds exactly what I experienced at Passion. I would love to experience it every day. Its something I know God is wanting me to do more. Thanks for sharing this. You are a great writer and God has gifted you in this area abundantly.

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