2011: A Writer’s Odyssey

For me, 2011 has been one of those years.  It saw the end of a 21 year very successful and enjoyable era for me as a basketball coach.  After being let go as the head basketball coach at a school, I tried for months to keep the coaching door open for me as I applied and even interviewed at several schools.  But, it became apparent to me as the summer months began to wane that God had other things in store for me.  Though coaching had been in my blood (and I often think it is still there), God began directing me in a different direction.

Throughout my life, I have had two dreams that I believe God had placed inside me.  I lived the coaching dream for 21 years, but in the summer of 2011, I began to sense again the dream that God had placed inside me back when I was in junior high school.  I realized again the dream that had not been fulfilled.  The dream of writing.  In June, 2011, when it began to hit me that my coaching career was likely at least temporarily over, I began to ask God where He wanted me next.  It did not take long for Him to begin to rekindle my dream to write.   And the more I tought about it and the more I prayed about it, I knew God was urging me to pursue the dream He had given me.  I found a sermon series I had written years earlier when I was a youth pastor, and shaped it into my first ebook.  Pursuing Your God-Given Dreams was published on Amazon Kindle in June of 2011.  You guessed it.  It has to do with chasing hard after those dreams that God has put inside you.   How perfect for what I was going through!  And I would dare say, it is perfect for most other people who have a dream they have not yet seen fulfilled.

Not too long after publishing Pursuing Your God-Given Dreams, I decided to take the very things that made me a successful basketball coach and write a book about my philosophy of coaching basketball.  I had already written the rough draft of that book a few years earlier after having an article published in TEXAS COACH magazine over the same topic.  Coaching From the Heart became my second ebook published as I detailed my philosophy of coaching under the acronym of HEART.  Hard Work, Enthusiasm, Attitudes of Confidence, Relationships, and Talent.

I was not naive enough to believe that just getting started in the industry of writing, I would make near enough money to pay any bills.  But as I continued to pray that God would open up a paying job for me, I was also convinced that no matter what, I needed to write.  God did provide a job for me.  It is not the best of situations, but it not only pays the bills, it gives me time to write.  Thank you, God, for your provision.

In September, I began writing  young adult fantasy novel loosly based on one I had attempted to write in high school.  However, after writing over half of it, I put it aside to focus on writing a one year devotional for Christians.  It is based on the life and teaching of Christ and is designed to give practical applications for daily living.  On Christmas Day, 10 Minutes to Better Livng: Daily Applications From the Life of Christ was released.

And now 2011 comes to an end.  Although it will always be a year I would rather forget because I left behind I a career I really enjoyed, it is also a year that began to see my fulfill my lifelong dream of being a writer.  And I would not change that.

In just a few short days, 2011 will morph into 2012.  What will the new year hold?  I have no idea.  But I do know I will be writing.  I have so many writing projects floating around in my head for the new year, that I have no idea yet which one I will sit down with in the writer’s command chair and punch it into warp speed until it is finished and published.  But why do  need to know now?  I stll have a day and half left in 2011.


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